Monday, August 25, 2008

What's your portion size?

I definitely have a weakness when it comes to eating food. My philosophy is, if it's good... keep eating it till it's ALL gone! While that might work well with fulfilling my sweet tooth cravings, it doesn't always flatter my figure. I'm not big on diets because I hate to have to stop eating my favorite things. Although, I have learned the best way for me to lose weight is to cut back on the amount of food I'm eating. The Smart Portion Center from Fit N Fresh makes preparing food & figuring out food portions fast & easy. This all in one system saves time & comes with a measuring cup, scale & even a cutting board. Now I have no more excuses and let's face it...the "I've had 3 kids" excuse isn't going to last much longer.
Another thing I lacki n doing, is drinking enough water. Sometimes I get too busy to remember to drink my 8 glasses a day . This water bottle comes with it's own filter & eliminates 50% of chlorine and over time filters about 75 gallons of water. I just fill it up & take it with me. So while I'm remembering my water, it's also tasting much better & who would have thought one reusable water bottle could eliminate the waste of about 500 plastic water bottles?!

Be sure to check out all the fresh new ideas available at Fit N Fresh, especially the food storage and transportation... perfect for storing all your portion sizes on the go & for keeping food fresh... Just don't eat all the portions at once;)

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