Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No more sore knees

Imagine what your knees would feel like after crawling on the hard floor ALL day...I would imagine they would be pretty sore... I'm so glad the Mom's at Silikids invented these cool Silipads. They're basically knee pads for babies. Just simply slide them on and help protect your babies knees while they're learning to crawl. They come in a variety of colors & good thing they are easy to wash because I'm pretty sure they would get dirty pretty fast:)

While you're visiting Silikids, check out the Silibib & SiliSkin for baby bottles. I love how soft they are. My son just likes to sit hand play with them in his hands! The secret to these cool products is that they are made from Silicone! Silicone is very durable & easy to clean. They will not fade & as an added bonus...they're dishwasher friendly. Gotta love products that are easy to clean!
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