Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is there a Dad that doesn't like to grill?

My Step-dad takes pride in his steaks & I have to admit they are pretty tasty! Although, for some reason I always end up with the rarest of them all. I'm more of a medium/well type of girl & I aways feel bad having to cut through all of them... to find which one is mine:) When I came across Grill Charms, my first thought was what a perfect gift for that hard to buy for someone and my second thought was, these would be perfect for our family BBQ's! They come in all kinds of coolsets, simply place these stainless steel charms in each piece of meat before throwing them on the grill to distinguish who's steak is steak is who's. I love the fact that I'll get my steak on the first try & I'm sure everyone else will appreciate that all their steaks will be in one piece... no more need to cut into all of them;)
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