Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keep your purse close

My grandmother told me once to never set my purse down on the floor when I'm at a restaurant. That has stuck with me and I always have my bag hanging across my knees while I'm eating. And Yes, it's annoying! Getting a PursePal was the perfect solution. Simply hang this classy accessory on the table and then hang your purse off of it! No more sore knees and your bag is safe! The eye catching crystals are lovely & I love how it collapses down and fits into your purse so easily till next time. While I'm Thankful for my Grandmother's advise, I think I better introduce her to the PursePal tomorrow at lunch;)

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Kata Wagner Berg said...

Just remember to hang it where nobody is walking by...or it might be to tempting for a person steal it.

Like look at me - I up for grabs!


Happy New Year from Budapest

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