Friday, December 5, 2008

Checkin it twice

I love to tease my boys & tell them they're getting coal in their stockings this year. I know, mean right? They're response is usually, "oh comm'on Mom, your just teasing us!" Well, a few days ago these bags of coal from LesserEvil arrived at my door & it was perfect timing because I was opening the box just as the kids were walking in the door from school. I'll never forget the look on my sons face when he said "Oh NO, is that for us?!"
After I had my few moments of taunting, I shared my new low fat cocoa covered popcorn treat with them!
They now can't wait to take some to their teachers for gifts this year... I'm sorry Mrs. Taylor, you really don't deserve coal but what can I say... they get their teasing from their Mom;)
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