Monday, September 12, 2011

She's all you

I love having a girl, she's the sweetest little thing. But no matter how hard I try, she's a daddy's girl. Thankfully my music gene rubbed off on her! She loves everything about it. And so do I. Don't think I have any form of musical talent though because I have absolutely zero. Maybe she will though. I however make the neighborhood dogs bark when I sing (impressive I know.)
One thing I've been working on is a collection of songs just for her. All her favorites. The one's she smiles to or the ones she falls asleep to.  Even some that make her dance. She's not even one but she has LOTS of favorites. Hopefully she can take them all with her when she heads off on her own one day... Will they even have cd's then? Maybe I need a back up plan.... I hope she likes them;)
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