Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maybe next year

Call me a jerk if you want... This summer was our anniversary, 12 years:) My husband is not one to buy me jewelery, which I'm ok with. I'm a pretty simple girl. But sometimes a girl just wants a cool ring or something. I can hint around all day and he still wouldn't get the hint. I'm sure most of you can relate. So this year he came home from work the day before and told me he found my present but he didn't think I'd like.   The next day, he takes me to the jewelery store. I was thinking "Oh yes bring on the ring!"... I was so stoked!!! The lady pulled out a watch. It was a nice watch.  No, seriously it was a VERY nice watch but I it looked nothing like me! I tried it on and the lady looks at my husband and says "she hates it" & grabbed the watch from me!  Long story short, I didn't get a anniversary gift!!!  I felt pretty horrible.  So here's a watch that I love!  What are the chances I get it?.... Probably better buy it myself;)
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