Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 8- Wake me up on Monday!

Hello from my bed... This is where I've been the past few days. Now I know how Joe felt from "Fat, Sick & nearly dead." If you haven't seen that documentary, you must. Here's a link to view the trailer. CLICK HERE! I guess I should have read the fine print before starting this journey, not that it would have changed my mind about doing this BUT it would have made me more aware of this things that could happen. 1 word... DETOX. This site , has a lot of helpful information.  So if you're thinking about joining the Reboot, you'll know exactly what could happen. Or in my case exactly what will happen! If you're at this point... DRINK LOTS OF WATER.
Have you started the REBOOT?  Let me know how you're doing!
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