Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pardon my juice mustache

I grew up never being allowed to have sugar (to put it lightly). I distinctly remember sneaking into the house, tripping up the stairs, trying to get to the bathroom, to wash my green tongue before my Dad would see that I had just devowered a pack of Now N Later's at a neighbors house.  My Dad was a health nut & I promised myself that I never going to be like that.  So despite that fact that I was raised with an understanding of food & it's hazards, I didn't believe it.
 I woke up a few months ago wondering where in the world I had gone. I saw a picture of myself and I couldn't see past this girl that had gained a few pounds, sported a half smile and looked more tired than ever. I looked shy and not like the girl I used to know.  The one who used to laugh till she cried in the most inapporiate times, the girl that got voted "Most fun to be with" in the school yearbook. Does anyone know this girl?  Please don't tell me I'm being to hard on myself.  I know I have 4 kids & that I just had a baby but that's not an excuse for me. Plus, I miss that girl.
So what do I do about it? ...  Awhile back I started hearing people talk about "Green Smoothies" & I admit I was pretty anti because it was something my "Dad would want me to do."  Sorry Dad.  The more I read about people changing there lives, losing weight, curing diseases & changing their mental state through nutrition made me curious. But not definitely something I could do.  So despite that fact that I wanted to, I brushed it aside.  Besides, I rather eat angel food cake with strawberries covered in whipped cream to make me happy!
But then thinking back to that picture I mentioned before, I knew I had to make some changes.  I started stepping out of my bubble, taking to people, pushing myself, trying to show my true personality & I won!  I literally won! A $1000 to be exact.  Just by telling myself I could do it!  (and proving I had personality in there somewhere;)... But that's another story.
My next step is to get my physical self back.  But how am I supposed to do that when I can't even run to the corner with out passing out!  First, I eliminated something that was a challenge for me & that was SUGAR.  And yes Dad, you were right.  Sugar is so much apart of our lives, it was literally eating me. I knew that's what had to go. I want my kids to see my example.  And after 2 weeks of resisting it, 6 pounds were gone. Funny how that works.   I knew if I could out run sugar when it surrounds me, I could take the next step and try out a raw diet. Raw what?  No, I won't be eating dandelions! For years natural food was a joke in my book. Now I'm intrigued  & guess what my Breville Juicer arrived today, which means TOMORROW, I begin 15 days of juicing raw fruits and vegetables. Like I said I won't be eating any kind of weeds from the front lawn. But everything will be raw, in it's natural form.  I have to admit I could have hugged the UPS man if it wouldn't have been awkward when he showed up with it!  I'm sorry if the next dew days are a little off topic for Simple Finds. But I need accountability to get this done. I took before pictures but I think I'll spare you. So if you don't mind, I'll be posting all about my Reboot! I challenge you to do something to better yourself this week!!! If you feel like joining me & getting a raw mustache lol the check out THIS site!!! Be sure to leave a comment & tell me all about what you're doing or juicing! I need all the help I can get! And if you actually ever get a juice mustache... I'd love to see a pic;) Oh and you can join me on Facebook HERE!

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Skin care said...
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Skin care said...

Kevin and I love your post! I think I have him convinced to start with me. Happy juicing. -Roxanne

Melissa said...

Your awesome Christie! I love green smoothies but dont know if i could do 15 days worth with nothing else! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Amber said...

Go Christie Go! I cant wait to hear how it goes.

Tracy said...

Great post!!! I babysat my 2 and 3 year old granddaughters today. I was quizzing them on if they had drank their Jus and Go stick yet today and they both said, "no, we had a green smoothie though"! Now I am off to the store so I can start tomorrow!!! Good Luck!

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