Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Sale

Taking for 4 kids out trying to shop for myself is next to impossible these days. So it's not to often that I make it to the mall. But because of the rain & we were all a little on the cabin feverish side, I took on the mall challenge.  It went great... till we walked in the door that was right in front of the rides, then one had to go to the bathroom... then 10 minutes later another one has gotta go!  We're walking along smiling at the "Oh my, you've got your hands full" comments & something that the boys "have to have" jumps out in a window... And the begging begins! I think you can all guess what happens next... yep back into to car we go! LOL What was I thinking? Hopefully someone can relate to my mall trips too & agree when I say,   Thank goodness for ONLINE SHOPPING!!!  Even better when there's SALES going on at  my favorites sites, like SHABBY APPLE!  20% off most everything (except swimwear) & FREE SHIPPING!!!... FREE SHIPPING is just icing one the cake:) ENTER CODE SUMMER20 @ checkout!
Click image below and start shopping!
Dresses from Shabby Apple

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