Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Hair....

 Hi there all you fans of Simple Finds! I just LOVE this blog, and Im really exited to be apart of Summer Finds Week! Christie is so talented, and this blog is 'the real deal'... I was honored and nervous when Christie asked me to do a guest blog for ya'll... So, here goes!
Do you get the "Summer Hair Blues" ? You know, during these hot months our hair becomes unmanagable and dull from all the sun, chlorine, heat and styling.  Magazines have all these pictures of girls with perfect "beachy hair", (yes.. thats TOTALLY what I look like when I let my hair air dry!!) Every summer, I want to shave my head and never worry about my hair again!! Anyways, the point Im trying to make is that summer inspires us to CHANGE. And change can be a good thing, but so often it is SCARY! 
Are you looking for a change but not ready to chop off all your locks? Are you growing your hair out? Want to change your hair color from blonde to bright red? If your brave then GO FOR IT! Or, if you are like ME and have lots of desire to be original and daring with your hair, but just cant seem to take the plunge then keep reading and maybe you will get a couple of tips on what to do to spice up your hair, without changing it too much! Here are my Summer Hair Finds! 

 without the troubles of actually having super thick, long hair....  

See my hair in the picture above? All long, blonde and thick? Well.. I have a secret...
 Its fake. 
Yep! Fake!  I was not blessed with a beautiful head of hair. My natural hair is ridiculously thin, (as in, a two year old has thicker hair than me) and it barely graces my shoulders (and Ive been growing it out for years!)  So, to fix my problem, I got bead-in-extensions, which I LOVED with all my heart.  Sadly, almost any form of permanent extensions can RUIN your hair, so after a lesson learned the hard way, I decided to use clip in extensions. You can buy them at your local Sallys Beauty Supply, (I use EURO NEXT)  Just clip them in, and take them to your hair stylist to have them cut. I LOVE THEM! I wear them every day, they add length, fullness and in my case, a whole lot of self esteem!! 

I am LOVING this trend. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and more sport this look to any event, from Red Carpet to hanging with the fam. Its perfect if its super hot outside, or if your in a hurry! 

Dont know how? There is a Ballerina Bun Tutorial- HERE

I LOVE braids! They are a perfect way to say, "yes I got ready today, and I look fabulous!" even though it only took you about 45 seconds to do! They are a super fast and easy way to change up your style. 

My favorite way to wear them is in multiples. Braid your bangs like in the last  picture above and then have a few "Rope Braids" hanging randomly throughout your hair like this: 
If your scared of the braid, I found this Messy Rope Braid Tutorial- HERE : ) 

And look how pretty this style is!
 Waterfall Braid Tutorial- HERE 

I love a woman who will rock big bold accessories in her hair. Its daring, fun, and a perfect way to change your hair without doing anything to your actual hair at all! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good scarf. Some days the bottom of my hair is curled to perfection, but the top just wont cooperate! So I get out my scarf, tie it around the top and cover up what doesn't need to be seen! Scarves are a perfect way to fix a bad hair day, and to bring in bright summery colors to your style! Hair Wrap Tutorial HERE

Hair jewelry is always fun. An awesome headband, a sparkly clip, its just the thing you need to dress up your hair from daytime to a fun night out! 

 Feathers are so trendy right now. I love them, and as you can see in the picture above.. I tried them! I like to have mine NOT beaded into my hair, that way I can just pin them in where and when I want them! For those of you who are opposed to using the Rooster Feathers, there are lots and lots of places to get synthetic feather hair accessories that add lots of flare to your hair! 

Dont be afraid to go BOLD!


This is my last tip, and probably my favorite one.. I have had a wild color in my hair for the past...4 years!!! It all started with a couple of pink extensions... then I was hooked! I have had my hair Pink, Purple, Black, Maroon, while still staying a classy blonde. It is SO FUN to have just a hint of color in your hair. I place it right behind my ear on the thicker side of my part.. that way when I need to hide it, its easy to blend it behind the rest of my hair. Recently, I dyed a big strip of my bangs brownish-red, just for the fun of it... (see it in the picture above? nothing to crazy... (: )

Or try out THIS new trend, Color Tipping, I dont think Im THAT brave, are you?

Thanks so much for reading what I have to say! I hope my Summer Hair Finds inspired you in some way to do something fun and bold with your hair!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you if you decide to do something crazy! You can find me over at
XOXO - Jaymie

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Heidi S. said...

Love that hair tipping idea, i think i might try it! great post. love ya jaym.

a-hyde said...

love this post.. by one of my FAV girls JAYMERS!!
We all love your gorg hair girl!!
(cant wait to see you again in a couple weeks)

Sue said...

Such fun ideas! I've gonna work on my braiding skills;) Loving Simple Finds!

Lindsey W. said...

summer hair blues over here for sure! loved this post thanks girl

marcee said...

Fabulous post ...I loved all your amazing ideas....can't wait to try them out on my granddaughters! Great job!!!

marcee said...
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trista said...

So going to hair tip Pypers hair!!!!! love the waterfall braid it is one of my favs!!!! Jaymie you sure have some awesome hair!!!! Thanks for the fun ideas!!!

Misty Kesler said...

Such great ideas, I have already looked up 2 of the tutorials . Hair is so hard in the summer, thanks for sharing!!! ( I can't believe u told the world about your fake hair ;) )

m and m said...

Thanks for all the tutorials with your post. Loved the ideas but will need the help! Hey, do you make housecalls? (It's worth a try to see one of my favorite girls!)

The Borlands said...

Loved this post! Jaymie, I am grateful to have you as a friend- someone who knows SO MUCH about beauty and fashion yet I feel like you never judge me when I'm looking rough :) You are a gem! You should post things like this on your own blog too! Love ya!

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