Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Finds

  I'm so ready for summer. I know summer is well on its way for most of you, you might even be basking in the sun, in a hammock, on a beach right now... But I'm spending my summer in WA and there's been about 3 summer worthy days since I've been here! It's just wrong! I can't complain too much though because I'm sitting next to the window listening to the rain as I type this & the sounds/smell of rain has always been on my list of favorite things. Maybe if all I think about is summer, it will start happening!!  So this week on SF we are featuring all our fav Summer Finds & some guest bloggers willing to share their summer tips! 
First thing Monday is Jaymie ! This girl can have green hair, be wearing to different shoes and a mumu and still look good! And then the next day, everyone would be copying her! Not that I've ever seen her in a mumu;)  But I do know she loves to dress up & so do her nieces... aren't they cute? What a fun Aunt! We all love this girl & I know you will too!... Thanks Jaymie for bloggin with us!

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