Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Power is in Your Mouth

Can't control your children who are running around the house spilling red drinks on the white carpet? Can't control the pouring rain outside washing away your beach plans? Can't control the rising price of gasoline? Get a grip and at least take some control over your potato chips. Pride yourself on the flavor rush you can create in your mouth. Take control!

It's true...Kettle chips has given the power to the people with their new challenge, Create-A-Chip. My very own Create-A-Chip Kit arrived the other day and my family gathered round for the unveiling. We each took a bag and let our creative juices flow. Exotic seasonings like, Sweet Chili, or Roasted Tomato made me smile like a child who just had their braces taken off. My father looked over the kit and said, "Oh, and look it's even Kettle Chips, I love Kettle."

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1 comment:

Christian e Naomi Sampson said...

I loOove chips! This is a GREAT news! (:

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