Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Links For Lazy Days

We all have those unforgettable BFF's from college & "B" was one of mine! I asked her to be a guest blogger today because I feel like I owe much of my style sense to her! We have pretty close to the same taste & she was the one that taught me how to make those cute little scrapbook pages, you know the ones we all used to make by hand... before it was all digital:) Who would have thought while we were sitting in our apartment writting boys & decorating our pic pages, she would one day turn out to be one of the best scrapbook divas & become a editor for a major magazine. While that was a awesome a accomplishment, there's much more to B then that. She's now the most adorable Mom, to the cutest little family! All my crazy college memories have her in them. She's on my list of my most favorite people, I can only wish to be like her when I grow up:) But with that being said, here's some cool links from her....

Well, we’re home sick today at my house, so I’m depending on my laptop (and the wonderful World Wide Web) a little more than usual to help me get through the day. I may not be able to take my coughing, sneezing little guy out and about, but I can still complete most of my to-do list from home, thanks to these one-click wonders:

Gotta get my workout in: www.myyogaonline.com
This cool subscription-based site offers streaming yoga, Pilates and meditation classes I can do right in my living room. Sure I could dust off the treadmill, but let’s be honest; any exercise I can do while lying down for at least 50% of the time sounds a lot more appealing.

Plan outfit for date night this weekend: www.polyvore.com
How many times have you bought a pair of shoes/top/skirt only to return home and realize that it in no way works with the ensemble you had planned in your mind? Well, this site takes the pain out of planning outfits, so you can do the hard part before even stepping foot in the mall. Mix and match from a database of thousands, maybe millions (seriously) of items to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Watch out, it’s addicting.

Make dinner (with whatever is in the pantry): www.realsimple.com
While searching through my kitchen for a quick dinner, I found couscous in my cupboard (don’t ask me why I have couscous and also don’t ask me what it really is. Rice? Pasta? I’m not sure). But when I entered it into the search bar of Real Simple, about 15 couscous recipes popped up, most of which I can make with common ingredients I already have, since the recipes on the site are generally pretty ‘simple.’

Give these sites a try next time you’re having a lazy (or crazy) day!

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