Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm in lust

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and I have been dropping little hints as to what's on my wish list to my husband. My little heart desires a new purse from JennJohn Handbags, the Darjeeling Tea tote to be exact. These custom made bags are some of the best quality I've seen. The fabric coordination is divine & I love how I would probably be the only one within miles to have one of it's kind. So move over flowers, although they would make me smile... I'm just crossing my fingers that the 10 text messages a day, I've been sending to my husband, are enough hints for him to remember the exact bag to "surprise" me with;)
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StacieinAtlanta said...

Ha ha ha. You are just like me. I just flat out say, "Look, I would really like this for Mother's Day. So do us both a favor, avoid a fight or me being let down and go buy it this weekend. I have done this for years and it works for us. A gift is still a gift even if you weren't surprised.

Happy Mother's Day and I hope that you get your 'surprise' tomorrow. ;)


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