Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Swimsuit Guide

Trying to find that perfect swimsuit but just not having any luck? Well believe it or not, it is possible. SF has searched, tried and now we're bringing our finds to you! (That's right, we did all the dreadful pre-summer swimsuit trying on just for you...) These are some of our favorite companies & we're sure you'll find that "perfect" swimsuit... there's one for just about everyone, no matter what your style!...
~For The Sporty Girl~

Available at Athleta. You'll find mix and match styles that are HOT but can handle the heat in an intense game of beach volleyball!
(picture above-Mod Dot, pictured below Pop Art)

~For The Trendy & Modest Girl~

Available at Layers Clothing. Styles are fun, fresh and modern. They may be modest but that doesn't mean you won't look amazing in these suits! Save 10%, use code BIRTHDAY but hurry ends Sat. May 2nd.
(On the left- Marty, On the right- Farrah)

~For The Spicy You~

MamaOm brings you designer beachwear that will spice up any vacation! Shop now and SAVE 20% off use code SimplyMamaOm
But not only does MamaOm carry swimsuits for you but you can grab your adorable daughter one to match! Perfect for Mother's Day!
(style shown, Choco-Cherry)

~For The Modish Girl~
Available at Hapari, the Mardi Gras Butterlfy Tankini is for the modest party girl! Perfect for a teen but not limited to,with a stylish side. (stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY from Hapari)

~For The Athletic You~
Title Nine carries swimsuits for the athletic type but that don't make you look it. They carry styles like the Sure- Bet, that were meant to fit your body type. More products to come from Title Nine!

~For The Hot Mom~
Guess what you're a MOM & be proud of it! Shade Clothing brings styles that are perfect for the Mom in you. But with swimsuits like the Balboa, no one will ever know you have 3 kids because you won't look like it in this classic black suit!

~For The All Round Fly Kinda Girl~
If you're the type that's not all about one specific style. Check out the swimsuits found at DownEast Basics. You'll find styles to mix and match, that are sassy but modest & a great deal!
A sweet Giveaway coming up, stay tuned, you won't want to miss out on this one...

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FiDesigns said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I love these suits and had no idea about these awesome companies. I love you suits also!! Super cool and modest!

Annie said...
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