Friday, May 15, 2009

Hit the deck

This is by far my favorite thing so far. The guys down at have such an awesome product. Create your own custom deck design for skateboards or longboards. They have a great and fast service, perfect for your own minds creativity or a gift for someone you know. The possibilities are pretty much endless with your options. You could even make a sketch of your grandma and have her put on the bottom of your deck! I'm not sure what could be better. On top of that, these decks are high quality, 100% Canadian Maple, 7-ply. Chances are, if you don't skate yourself, you know someone who does, and they can tell you these are great decks. I've skated for a few years and believe me, these aren't some cheap knock offs. Spend some time and mess around with the decks and your graphics and see what you come up with. Just mind yourself, its addictive.

I was already sold on BoardPusher, but here's a bonus to sweeten the deal. Save $10 on the “Trucker Hat” with the purchase of a custom deck. Enter the promotion code: BPHAT in checkout.
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