Friday, March 13, 2009

The outfit will help

I'm the most uncoordinated person I know. And when it comes to exercising, I'm not so graceful. I actually have to make sure nobody else is around. Not because I'm embarrassed but because I fear I might hurt them! But how can I be a klutz while wearing an outfit that has a name like Harmonious? I found it at lucy & everything about it flows. The fabrics are buttery soft and they'll allow your movements to stream & not like the tide just rolled in. You'll look like a pro but most of all, your yoga tree position... will look quite polished:) Get a FREE 2-pack of training socks ($14 value) at your nearest lucy store! No purchase necessary. Click here for the coupon!
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Leah said...

Doing yoga exercise could really make your feel refreshed and recharged after a long week of hard work. Wearing proper outfit is recommended but it is not necessary to buy an expensive one. It better to have yoga clothes that you feel more comfortable wearing it.

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