Thursday, March 19, 2009

One footstep at a time

Summer is coming & that means the outdoor play will be beginning soon. Don't get me wrong I heart my flip flops but sometimes they just don't work exploring with the boys. I just received the J-41 Aquarius water ready shoes & they are perfect for running around with the boys. Made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials J-41 offers comfort, quality & versatility. Consider the Aquarius a step up from your typical slip on shoe. Let's face it boys can be pretty unpredictable with these shoes I can keep up with the kids and never have to take them off, even if one decides to run into a stream...again.
Available at several online retailers. Check them out HERE.
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coco said...

I think there is a bug. I was unable to fill out and send you a contact form. Could I send you an email by any chance? thanks,

Susannah said...

By the way, love these shoes and the work out outfits, too cute! And... a little bit of me is jealous that you have all this cool stuff!!!

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