Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carry me!

My 2 years has decided he needs to walk like everyone else & no longer wants to ride in a stroller, which makes shopping trips a little too stressful to take frequently. I'm one that needs to get out of the house, so I starting looking for an alternative. I came across the Butterfly 2 from Beco Baby Carrier & I have to admit it has worked wonders! I no longer have a newborn to carry around in it but since it can carry up to 45 pounds my toddler fits perfectly & can't get enough of riding on my back! Made with 100% cotton & comes in some awesome fabrics, these carriers are so versatile & should be on your list if you're excepting or maybe you have a stubborn 2 year old that needs another way to travel:)
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1 comment:

rebecca said...

I don't have any kids, but I have a sweet little niece. I love to see babies being carried on the front like this. They always look so much more comfortable -- and happy!

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