Friday, February 27, 2009

Are you thirsty?

My Mom used to follow me around with a bottle of water because I never drank enough. Actually, it's still something I have to remind myself to do. I love the concept of the Hydracoach water bottle. This sporty bottle makes all the calculations for you, aiding in you to keep yourself hydrated. Plus it keeps track of your water intake & paces you. I will admit this has made me more aware of my lack of water & has made me want to stay up with the calculations. I only wish it had a talking alarm to remind me it's time to drink.... Kinda like my Mom did lol:)

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Liz said...

So cool! Thanks for posting this. I am going to look at getting one of these for my daughter.

rebecca said...

Love this! I good idea and a gadget, too -- can't please me any more than that combo.

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