Friday, October 31, 2008

So your saying there's a chance?

Warning the products over at Ogio will give your husband crazy ideas... But I have to say, I've never seen him so excited over getting two new bags. I got the 9800 to fill our travel needs. It's pretty much essential that our family of 5 has plenty of luggage space. With the airlines only allowing 1 bag a piece, we need to pack carefully. The 9800 is literally large enough to pack a small child! But while I was thinking about our family traveling must haves, my husband thought for sure that next, I was gonna surprise him with a motor cycle to go with the new bag.... "Look there's enough room for boots, a helmet, plus all my gear"...
While he won't be getting a new motor cycle anytime soon, I did surprise him with a rad new golf bag! The King Pin comes large enough for all the golfing necessities & plus has a few hidden pocket secrets. So while my husband will be working on his swing.... I'll most definitely be diggin the pin stripes:)
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