Friday, October 3, 2008

The Anti Shoe

Many of you might remember a feature we did for MBT’s 30 Reasons to Walk campaign. How did it go? I know, I am definitely feeling better because of it. MBT also had another great idea: the anti shoe. This company, who sponsored the effort for better living, has a great product as well. I’m not sure if I should call it a shoe or not, but this little gem works wonders. I am sold on the idea of a significant improvement to our everyday shoes we wear because of the discomfort I feel many times in my back from working all day. Developed around Masai Barefoot Technology, they a made with an amazingly great altered sole attached to the bottom of some great looking shoe-tops, MBT has changed the way we feel at all times of the day simply through our everyday process of walking around (our most basic and efficient transportation.) If you haven’t heard of the anti-shoe, make sure you spend some time looking over the benefits gained simply by wearing MBT. Sold in several retailers and online stores across the country. You'll want to check this “anti shoe” out & be ready to activate your entire body one simple step at a time.
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