Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good. Clean. Food

I'm always checking out what my fav pro trainers are posting & one that I check out a lot is Kathleen Tesori! She posted about GO DOUGH awhile back, so decided I had to see for myself what these protein balls were all about. First thing I saw was "Good"... so I knew we were off to a good start:) I got even more excited to know they were gluten free! Having to go gluten free hasn't been easy for me, especially now while I'm training. But after one chocolate chip GO DOUGH ball I felt pretty satisfied. There's the perfect blend of protein, carbs and healthy fats to give you that extra energy kick you might need when you're working out hard. The only problem is, they're are only available at few store in Utah. So if you happen to live there check out the health food stores! Although, if you check out their Facebook page or blog & message them, they can assist you in ordering them online:) My fav was the chocolate chip but there's other great flavors as well!
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