Friday, July 29, 2011

Take the time

(photo from Blonde Designs)
I admit it, I haven't been Mom of the year lately. Too often I get wrapped up in so many things that I "have to get done" & then before I know it, it's time for bed... And then the cycle starts all over again. I found this idea tonight on this blog & it inspired me to be better at what means the most. It would only take a second to leave a note for my kids every night.... My kids would love this...
This blog also has a cute little note print out, check it out here.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Find

Oh the possibilities!  I loved this idea so huge, I had to post a link to these fruit drink labels!  How fantastic would the next lemonade stand be with these;)
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Summer Eats

What I love most about summertime is all the good eats that pop up a BBQ's and parties or lately on Pinterest. These have caught my attention... You'll for sure have everyone on the block inviting you back again for more!
This one is one of my favorites. I love me some salsa & chips but have you ever had a salsa this sweet?  Perfect for the party opener:) Found via The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Cucumber Tomato Salad. Simple. Tasty. Easy but frilly enough for all you adults. Found on Real Mom Kitchen.

POPSICLES don't get any better than this. Take a Popsicle mold, add some fruit and your fav juice. Freeze.  Fun. fresh. healthy. Your kids will want to eat more than one & you'll be totally fine with it;)

One day my husband came out of the kitchen drinking out of a Mason jar and I just laughed at him because he said there was no clean cups!  I didn't think at the time that I would ever be offering a jar to my guest but I think I could handle serving up these lemonade mason jar awesomeness!  Found at Yummy Wedding Food.
Holy moly all the kids on the block will think you're the coolest ever if you hook them up with one of these.  Clear out the watermelon, fill it with something sparkly. Total hit! One of my sisters in law's poked holes & added straws to change things up a bit... but you might want to keep that one within the family;)
 Found on Hither & Tither.

I have to thank my Mom for making me my favorite meals of the summer. Fillet Mignon, Asparagus, BBQ style, on the beach. This picture doesn't do her grilling justice but I can assure you, you should be jealous:)

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Summer Sale

Taking for 4 kids out trying to shop for myself is next to impossible these days. So it's not to often that I make it to the mall. But because of the rain & we were all a little on the cabin feverish side, I took on the mall challenge.  It went great... till we walked in the door that was right in front of the rides, then one had to go to the bathroom... then 10 minutes later another one has gotta go!  We're walking along smiling at the "Oh my, you've got your hands full" comments & something that the boys "have to have" jumps out in a window... And the begging begins! I think you can all guess what happens next... yep back into to car we go! LOL What was I thinking? Hopefully someone can relate to my mall trips too & agree when I say,   Thank goodness for ONLINE SHOPPING!!!  Even better when there's SALES going on at  my favorites sites, like SHABBY APPLE!  20% off most everything (except swimwear) & FREE SHIPPING!!!... FREE SHIPPING is just icing one the cake:) ENTER CODE SUMMER20 @ checkout!
Click image below and start shopping!
Dresses from Shabby Apple

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Hair....

 Hi there all you fans of Simple Finds! I just LOVE this blog, and Im really exited to be apart of Summer Finds Week! Christie is so talented, and this blog is 'the real deal'... I was honored and nervous when Christie asked me to do a guest blog for ya'll... So, here goes!
Do you get the "Summer Hair Blues" ? You know, during these hot months our hair becomes unmanagable and dull from all the sun, chlorine, heat and styling.  Magazines have all these pictures of girls with perfect "beachy hair", (yes.. thats TOTALLY what I look like when I let my hair air dry!!) Every summer, I want to shave my head and never worry about my hair again!! Anyways, the point Im trying to make is that summer inspires us to CHANGE. And change can be a good thing, but so often it is SCARY! 
Are you looking for a change but not ready to chop off all your locks? Are you growing your hair out? Want to change your hair color from blonde to bright red? If your brave then GO FOR IT! Or, if you are like ME and have lots of desire to be original and daring with your hair, but just cant seem to take the plunge then keep reading and maybe you will get a couple of tips on what to do to spice up your hair, without changing it too much! Here are my Summer Hair Finds! 

 without the troubles of actually having super thick, long hair....  

See my hair in the picture above? All long, blonde and thick? Well.. I have a secret...
 Its fake. 
Yep! Fake!  I was not blessed with a beautiful head of hair. My natural hair is ridiculously thin, (as in, a two year old has thicker hair than me) and it barely graces my shoulders (and Ive been growing it out for years!)  So, to fix my problem, I got bead-in-extensions, which I LOVED with all my heart.  Sadly, almost any form of permanent extensions can RUIN your hair, so after a lesson learned the hard way, I decided to use clip in extensions. You can buy them at your local Sallys Beauty Supply, (I use EURO NEXT)  Just clip them in, and take them to your hair stylist to have them cut. I LOVE THEM! I wear them every day, they add length, fullness and in my case, a whole lot of self esteem!! 

I am LOVING this trend. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and more sport this look to any event, from Red Carpet to hanging with the fam. Its perfect if its super hot outside, or if your in a hurry! 

Dont know how? There is a Ballerina Bun Tutorial- HERE

I LOVE braids! They are a perfect way to say, "yes I got ready today, and I look fabulous!" even though it only took you about 45 seconds to do! They are a super fast and easy way to change up your style. 

My favorite way to wear them is in multiples. Braid your bangs like in the last  picture above and then have a few "Rope Braids" hanging randomly throughout your hair like this: 
If your scared of the braid, I found this Messy Rope Braid Tutorial- HERE : ) 

And look how pretty this style is!
 Waterfall Braid Tutorial- HERE 

I love a woman who will rock big bold accessories in her hair. Its daring, fun, and a perfect way to change your hair without doing anything to your actual hair at all! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good scarf. Some days the bottom of my hair is curled to perfection, but the top just wont cooperate! So I get out my scarf, tie it around the top and cover up what doesn't need to be seen! Scarves are a perfect way to fix a bad hair day, and to bring in bright summery colors to your style! Hair Wrap Tutorial HERE

Hair jewelry is always fun. An awesome headband, a sparkly clip, its just the thing you need to dress up your hair from daytime to a fun night out! 

 Feathers are so trendy right now. I love them, and as you can see in the picture above.. I tried them! I like to have mine NOT beaded into my hair, that way I can just pin them in where and when I want them! For those of you who are opposed to using the Rooster Feathers, there are lots and lots of places to get synthetic feather hair accessories that add lots of flare to your hair! 

Dont be afraid to go BOLD!


This is my last tip, and probably my favorite one.. I have had a wild color in my hair for the past...4 years!!! It all started with a couple of pink extensions... then I was hooked! I have had my hair Pink, Purple, Black, Maroon, while still staying a classy blonde. It is SO FUN to have just a hint of color in your hair. I place it right behind my ear on the thicker side of my part.. that way when I need to hide it, its easy to blend it behind the rest of my hair. Recently, I dyed a big strip of my bangs brownish-red, just for the fun of it... (see it in the picture above? nothing to crazy... (: )

Or try out THIS new trend, Color Tipping, I dont think Im THAT brave, are you?

Thanks so much for reading what I have to say! I hope my Summer Hair Finds inspired you in some way to do something fun and bold with your hair!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you if you decide to do something crazy! You can find me over at
XOXO - Jaymie

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Finds

  I'm so ready for summer. I know summer is well on its way for most of you, you might even be basking in the sun, in a hammock, on a beach right now... But I'm spending my summer in WA and there's been about 3 summer worthy days since I've been here! It's just wrong! I can't complain too much though because I'm sitting next to the window listening to the rain as I type this & the sounds/smell of rain has always been on my list of favorite things. Maybe if all I think about is summer, it will start happening!!  So this week on SF we are featuring all our fav Summer Finds & some guest bloggers willing to share their summer tips! 
First thing Monday is Jaymie ! This girl can have green hair, be wearing to different shoes and a mumu and still look good! And then the next day, everyone would be copying her! Not that I've ever seen her in a mumu;)  But I do know she loves to dress up & so do her nieces... aren't they cute? What a fun Aunt! We all love this girl & I know you will too!... Thanks Jaymie for bloggin with us!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cutest tutorials

This Frosted Pane skirt makes me wish I had my sewing machine with me at the moment, can't wait to make it for the babe:) You can find this and other patterns full of adorableness @ Sewing In No Mans Land!
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I have just the dresser...

Finally found the glass knobs I've been waiting for.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Pinteresting...

I'm a Pinterest Addict... Come follow me!  If you haven't heard of the club, it's a must.  In a nut shell it's a virtual filing system of all your favorite finds. Come jump on the band wagon & join Pinterest Anonymous with SF!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

A little late...

Where were you for the 4th of July?? Rebel Wrapture Flower Flat

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Float On

The only thing about having a community pool is that I'd feel guilty if I showed up with one of these.  Not because it would take up the whole pool but because there's no way I'd want to share;) The King Kai Pool Float is available our affiliate Amazon:)
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Ice for the hot

When summer sun gets the better of you, try making your own Aloe Ice... Just make sure you tell your husband... so he doesn't use them in his cup to cool off his Mtn. Dew;)
Found on Real Simple.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm weak

I think everything needs a little strawberries and whipped cream, so naturally I'm a fan of Angel Food Cake and French toast;) Then I saw the mother load on Pinterest the other day. Angel Food Cake French Toast! Let's just say this is why my scale isn't letting me lose that baby weight. But at least I enjoyed every last bit of it;)... Ignore the not so cute plate... it was still delish;)

1. Slice angel food cake into triangles.
2. Dip into egg mixture. I use eggs, milk, cinnamon & vanilla.
3. Cook in pan on medium heat until golden. Make sure you flip them repeatedly so they don't burn.
4. Top with fresh strawberries, blueberries & whipped cream.. a lil powered sugar..
5. Eat. Enjoy. And only share if you want;)

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