Monday, June 14, 2010

What to take to the pool?

Going to the pool is pretty much on our everyday agenda. With 3 kids and myself, we have a lot to get ready before we go. Thank goodness for Room It Up! The boys can get themselves ready & I get on my suit and wrap up in my Spa Wrap. Since you can only do yourself up so much going to the pool, I always remember to grab my Ruffle Towel Clutch. We usually eat lunch before we go but after our long walk to the pool, we're usually hungry by the time we get there... Good thing Room It up also has a cooler , I can also pack full of snacks!
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Sarah Cook said...

Wow!I just scheduled a blog post writing about Room it Up! It won't be on my blog until the end of the month though. Their stuff is so cute!

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