Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guilt Free

I'm easily tempted when it comes to good deserts. As you can tell my all my spare rolls, I usually give in when it comes to sweets! Well good news for my figure, Le Viette has calorie free treats for me to serve up to my guests! Looks good right? I'm sure glad these are made of towels or I just might be tempted. But seriously, how fun would these be to leave on the pillows when you have company spending the night?
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Candy said...

oh that is amazing! Seriously, every item is great and it is hard to believe it is made from towels. Very unique and I am bookmarking that site for sure! Thanks for sharing!

She's Crafty/What The said...

those are so cute! And I just found this blog and I am loving it!! Thanks for sharing:)
"She's Crafty"

Colorado Knitter said...

These are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

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