Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Just breathe"

I don't think a day has ever gone by that I haven't worried about something. I wish so badly that I could just relax and let things go but honestly, I just don't know how.
Recently, I've discovered yoga. I'm slowly learning to slow down & chill out. I'm not a expert yet by any means (my lack of coordination proves it) but I can most certainly tell a cute bag when I see one! These Yoga mat bags from Impromptu Designs will freshen up any boring mat. With all the fun fabric choices, you'll surely make all the other ladies jealous at your next class!
While visiting Impromptu Designs grab yourself a matching eye pillow & bring on the relaxation with the calming aroma of lavender... perfect for those days when you just need to stop & take a deep breath;)
September is Yoga awareness month so Impromtu Designs would like to offer Simple Finds readers free shipping and all orders over $50 purchase a free eye pillow!
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