Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Can I see your license and registration Ma'm?"

Sometimes when I'm traveling and going through customs, I feel like they might as well be asking me for my credit card information & who my 6th grade math teacher was LOL. I know it's all for our safety but it doesn't mean it's always fun. Recently, I was able to travel with my fresh new travel wallet from Sewnsational. Not only are the fabrics fabulous but when the agent asked for my information, it was so handy & kept everything so organized, it made getting through customs a breeze. Sewnsational has a variety of spiffy little items to help you keep things in order on those oh so fun plane rides:) What a delightful gift for a frequent flyer!
Shop now through the end of September and SAVE 15%. Just enter code "simplefinds" at checkout.

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