Friday, September 24, 2010

Move that bus!

I've had my fair share of strollers over the past 10 years. Everything to umbrellas to double to some that feel like I'm pushing a bus around! While, some have been good and others not so great, I've never been honestly able to say one certain stroller was FANTASTIC... until I met the Micralite FastFold Superlite! Seriously, I haven't been able to find anything I don't like about it! First thing I noticed was it was incredibly light weight, 14 lbs to be exact. Then the most amazing thing happen while my 4 year old son was having a ride... I could turn the stroller in a complete 360 with one hand! Never have I had a stroller that maneuvers so precise. Folds up nicely, removable terrain wheels & even comes with a air pump. Plus it has an attachment to add your own car seat. I love things that make my life easier, especially with almost 4 kids to wheel around:)
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