Monday, September 21, 2009

"We'll pay YOU to stop."

I'm a horrible singer. In fact, the one and only time I sang Karoke, they tried to pay me to STOP singing! So the only time I sing, is in my car (my poor kids are strapped in and have no way out) & now my new found love, Rockband 2. Although fully compatble with Rockband, if you haven't grabbed the newly released Beatles Rockband game, you're missing out on a chance to let your true self shine. Yes, my family of 5 loves to gather around the TV & rock! There's 3 mics to cover the newly added 3 part harmonies, guitar, bass & my husband's favorite, drums. But mostly while the boys are rockin the house, I'm rockin da mic! Yes, me & believe or not I got 100% 2x's on vocals... guess listening to The Beatles so much in the car on trips has paid off, only now that my boys have learn ALL 45 songs from the game, they can sing right along with me.
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