Monday, August 8, 2011

Cooking show

I have a son who LOVES to cook!  Every once in awhile he'll ask if he can have his own cooking show.  So I break out the video camera & help get out everything he needs. Then he creates a fruit salad usually & then I'm the camera man.  Even though he's 8, I still get so nervous when he wants to use a knife. My husband says he can handle it.  But me, I hand him a plastic knife.  So you could imagine how excited when we received some products from Khun Rikon. The kinderkitchen line is awesome.  Everything from Mouse Measuring cups to this awesome dog knife.  Easy grip handle, cuts food but can't stab anything with it... which is a concern at my house;)  I even found my new fav kitchen gadget too.  This dual peeler is FANTASTIC.  I never use  vegetable peelers because they never work right.  This one, I've had about 2 weeks and I can't stop using it.  I make excuses to peel anything. Peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes...  Not that I normally peel tomatoes, but I tried it and it works really well.  Great site for all your kitchen gadget needs.  I think Santa will be using this site to fill some stockings;)

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