Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little sleek

There's some people that are hard to buy for & my husband is one of them. But one thing he LOVES to do is take videos with his phone. He's constantly whipping it out filming the kids. But unfortunately the footage doesn't turn out too good. Luckily has the coolest present ever, the Slide HD! Record 4 hours of amazing videos and then upload them to your computer. It case you didn't notice it has a 3" screen... a touchscreen actually. Cool right?! I've been having fun trying this out...I hope my husband doesn't mind that I've been using it before I give it to him lol So put away your camera phone, the Slide is so much more! Shop today and get free shipping & plus save 10%, use code FLIP10 but hurry this offer ends 11-30-10!
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1 comment:

Karil said...

How handy is that, I want one.

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