Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have a question?

Have a question about submitting a product? You'll probably find your answer here! If not, feel free to email us!

1. I have a product you should review, how do I tell you about it?

This answer is easy simple, e-mail Christie, Trent, or Trevor. Tell us about your website/product, send us a link, and a picture. If we are very interested in your product, most of the time it will require a more ‘hands on’ experience, and, therefore, we will ask for a sample to be submitted.

2. If I send in my product will you guaranteed to reviewed it?

This is the most tricky question. The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Yes we will review all the products, as long as we tell you we will (see FAQ #1,) but no, it does not guarantee we will feature/post it. Simple Finds has a certain standard of excellence we must uphold in order to bring you the best of the best we can find. Therefore, if we feel a product just doesn’t quite match said standard, we will apologetically let you know and that is that.

3. I don’t have a website, so can I still submit my product?

No. We are trying to embrace the 21st century as best we can, and our viewers like to have a place to read about your product and see it. We do, however, greatly encourage everyone who falls under this category to create a website as it will help them the most.

4. What happens to my product after it has been submitted?

Your product, which has been submitted, will undergo tests to ensure its durability/beauty/all around awesomeness by the reviewers.

5. Will my product be returned after evaluation?

Due to the large volume of products received we do not return a product which has been submitted for review.

6. Is my website/product Simple Finds material?

Chances are, if you’re here wondering, it probably is. We are very open to all concepts and ideas for products or anything else. If you still wonder, email us and simply ask.

7. How are winners notified?
Winners of giveaways will be notified by email and we ask that you respond in 72hours or we will have to select another winner.

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jwlarkin79@Hotmail.com said...

My comment is #587 (I think) on the Keen giveaway. I hit something before I got my entire email address in. Should be jwlarkin79@hotmail.com. Thanks

ayushbajaj52 said...

its a good site,i want my products to be advertised in this.

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